Web Apps

Whether its a point of sale system or a travel booking website. We've got you covered.

Mobile Apps

We can bring your million dollar app idea to life. From design to code we can do it all.

Backends and APIs

Are you a developer that needs a backend for your app? We will build you a full custom backend and API.

FinTech Systems

Our team members have demonstrated experience in financial technologies from payment systems to blockchains

Website Design

We can also do simple website design. From one pagers to fully functional complex dynamic web designs for desktop and mobile devices.


We can add support for any languages you want in all of our software. Transcripts are translated by people for accuracy.

Why chose L.I.B?

L.I.B has a large range of experience across many different industries and its code reflects the efficient and effective way it works.



Most of our development is based on javascript. We mainly use NodeJS + typescript and mongo / sql for backend work, React for the front-end on web apps and React-Native for our iOS and Android apps. Although most of our work is in js/ts we also have experiance with using java, kotlin, python, and c / c++.
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